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Pay with the SEPP-Parking App at the following locations.

SEPP-Parking is a fast and simple way to operate your on-street or off-street parking spaces.

The county of Interlaken, Matten, and Unterseen was the initial project end of 2017. We are proud and happy that a lot of other municipalities are also starting to use SEPP-Parking to improve their customer satisfaction.

No investment costs and a very simple set up – we are happy to show how it works.

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We believe that the future belongs to the Digital Parking Operation. Innovative counties and municipalities have to offer their customers the latest technology to increase customer satisfaction. SEPP-Parking is a very customer-friendly parking experience.

Switzerland: Lenzerheide (GR)

Switzerland: Arosa (GR)

Switzerland: Silvaplana (GR)

Switzerland: Swiss shooting event

Switzerland: Meiringen-Hasliberg (BE)

Switzerland: Ballenberg

Switzerland: Steffisburg

Switzerland: Ringgenberg (Interlaken)

Switzerland: Leukerbad (Valais)

Switzerland: Duedingen (Fribourg)

Switzerland: Klosters (Davos)

Switzerland: Bern

Switzerland: Interlaken

Coming soon…

The following counties and municipalities are starting shortly with SEPP-Parking.

  • Silvaplana (GR)
  • Oberdiessbach (BE)
  • Brig (VS)
  • Champèry (VS)
  • Lenzerheide (GR)
  • Arosa (GR)
  • ….
Mit SEPP wird das Smartphone zur Parkuhr.


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